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Recreational wholesale bait supply Texas Gulf Coast 

Texas Big Game Fishing Tournament Bait Supply

Looking for wholesale offshore bait supply for Galveston Texas or the Texas Gulf coast for offshore fishing tournaments? Look no further, Superior Offshore Bait (wholesale) Supply has you covered with all you saltwater offshore bait supply and much more. We welcome serious fisherman that want to fill their freezers with quality offshore bait including but not limited to ballyhoo -rigged and non-rigged, prime ribbon fish, Bonita, chum and trolling squid.

For those looking to offshore rig fish for red snapper and/or grouper we have you covered with everything from squid to pogies to Spanish mackerel, chum, sardines and even frozen Bonita...a groupers favorite. Take a look at the Kingfish that where caught trolling with ribbon fish from Superior Offershore Bait and Rapala Lures (try "pink" Rapala Lures- the Kingfish love it) ...check it out:

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